3. veebruar kell 18

Kirjanduslik kolmapäev

Eesti Kirjanike Liidu Musta Laega Saalis, Harju 1


Kärt Hellerma, Grete Kutsari ja Birk Rohelennuga vestleb Peeter Helme. Kõlavad ka katked autorite teostest.

  1. Ingel

    Hei, mis kellani vestlusring kestab? Kahjuks olen 19-ni tööl, kas kell 19.15 oleks hilja liituda?

  2. Nilton

    If the story is true, why didn’t somebody pull Moss aside / otisude and tell him to cool it? Once in a blue moon at a dinner you’ll have officer / enlisted go on a bit of a bender alcohol speaking. If they get out of line, well, suffice to say, they are quickly brought back into the fold and silenced.Were all the O-lineman too busy stuffing their face to have one grab Moss by his nappy head and say, Listen, I don’t care what you think, but if you open your mouth again and insult these people I will put your skinny ass on IR for the year .

  3. LakiaTGadley

    Yes! Finally something about reviews.

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